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How to Make a Compilation

Making a compilation all by yourself can be difficult and stressful, but I think hardwork is worth it eventually.

You ask all of your desired artists for songs and you put ads in magazines and on web sites. You have to make a song yourself if you're going to be on it, and you need to take care of all of the artwork and layouts, though this time around my new pal Nate Frusti is doing the cover art for me.

Even the cover has been difficult, but I guess anything good takes time. Since I released the 2003 Christmas compilation I have wanted to do a compilation trilogy that would have each volume feature someone screaming into a megaphone... interesting concept enough, I suppose, but it took a whole afternoon with my friend Suzanne McCloskey to get the angle just right. It can be very frustrating trying to put a mental image of mine into another person's mind, but we worked through it and ended up with a pretty decent picture.

Along with the artwork one must also sequence and master the tracks, which of course cannot be done until all of the songs have been received, and when that happens is dependent on when the artists decide to get their material to me. For "A Greenroom Omnibus No. 1" that was over a year of waiting.

Yet the waiting has been worth it as I have wound up with a nice selection of songs by 12 different artists, clocking in around 42 minutes of new music.

This will all be worth it one day... I just hope Greenhorn Records does some good for the underground artists appearing thereon...
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