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Postage Not Paid

Today was Day 3 of 5 in my promotional project of shipping promos, in which I ship 25-30 promotional demos to members of my contact list everyday of this week. This was my first day of shipping to international contacts, and it went reasonably well... I walked into the post office as I have every day this week, a huge box under my arm stuffed with promos... but today it was a batch entirely to other countries. (Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, France, England, Austraila, Denmark, Israel, Germany, Norway, etcetra...)

I plopped a stack of customs forms down on the counter and the postal lady responded "What are you shipping?!"

I told her about my huge project I had underway and she seemed confused and amused at the same time. She also seemed amazed that I had taken the time to address every promo by hand, address every customs form by hand, and package everything, all by myself. I replied "What else am I going to spend my time doing?" haha.

Thursday and Friday are my last two days for this promotional business. Yep, just 102 more promos to go, all international. When I'm done a good number of people will have received free copies of our music... whether this will make any difference to Greenhorn Records (other than a $400 postal bill) is not yet known to me. I guess that's up to the people I send promos to.
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