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Promotional News

Today is a historic day in the growing history of Greenhorn Records. And this will be a historic week. I spent 7 hours today filling over 130 mailers as promos for sending to over a hundred labels, as well as radio stations and magazines. Each promo holds a copy of our new compilation A Greenroom Omnius No. 1, a copy of our 2005 demo a Shoehorn Demo No. 1, a 1" pin, and a letter of explaination. And all of this week, Monday through Saturday, I will ship 25 promos everyday after work.

Omnibus took almost two years and $700 to create. Shoehorn took almost as long and $400. I spent about six months of time between the two songs appearing on the two CDs (under "Olney" 5 months on 'A Flautist in Kutztown' and 1 on "Sewn Into My Heart) and I mastered and made both CDs. It took about a year to collect all of those contacts, a tedious opperation that took several dozen trips to the library for use of a better computer, and the mailers for this project cost almost $100. The buttons cost $55, and the photoshoot for the cover of Omnibus $100.

Filling out and addressing all of the mailers took several weekends of 12-hour days, though the return-address part took far less a time as I pitched in $15 for a stamp rather than writing the same thing over and over again for every mailer.

So almost two years and $1,300 later (not counting the promo postage) we have about 130 good promos going out to twelve countries. The only thing I am sad for is the fact that Greenhorn's latest roster editions (3 out of 4 Dentists and Dust of Broken Heart) came along too late to have spots on each of the two releases. Don't worry though, they will be on volume two of each of the series, both of which will be far more promotional than volumes one.

Work has already began for "A Greenroom Omnibus No. 2" and we are interested in accepting demos for it as of now. We already have several songs (and $800 into it) and this will be the biggest (and bestest) thing to come from Greenhorn Records yet. So send your songs in!
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