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Today has been full of work... I spent hours calculating the frequencies and wavelengths of sound for a self-use table for a future project. Then I went out and bought the first 40 mailers for my first big mail-based promotional project. As soon as the Omnibus compilation comes out I will be mailing 130 packages off to various artists, radio stations, and record labels around the globe, each with a copy of the demo and the comp within as well as label info.

This is my biggest project for promotion yet, but next year will be even bigger when I ship out about 1500 copies of a demo and the next comp. That will be an expensive project but (hopefully) worth it. I just hope this first one shows signs of progress in someway. Up to this day I have seen very little progress in any way. At all. It's very depressing. But I won't give up. Not yet.
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