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The Official Online Journal of Greenhorn Records.

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Welcome to the official Greenhorn Records online journal! Add this journal to your friends list or favorites for updates, behind-the-scenes info, and other neat stuff sure to come your way.

What is Greenhorn Records?
Greenhorn Records is a stair-step label with the sole purpose and goal of the promotion and advancement of underground artists of all different genres and influences. We work for the artists so as to bring promotion to them, evolution to the scene, and growth of the label. Since the beginning the underground has been the home of many an artist, some with incredible talent but no promotional resources. This new label is designed specifically for the promotion of the artists signed here upon. It is our policy and promise to give back more to the artist than the artist gives to us, promote that artist to our fullest abilities, and follow moral values through each and every process with honesty, hard work, and good character. Greenhorn Records is working hard to bring underground artists up from the core of the world and closer to the surface through promotion to radio stations and labels across the United States and around the world...
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