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The Scientific Art of Promotion

I at last finished the purchasing and addressing of almost 150 mailers. I have also bought 500 new Greenhorn Records buttons (same design) which will go out in the promo packages with the copies of the compilation and demo. Also included will be a letter of introductions and explainations to each company I ship a promo package to. I am excited for this step.

The demo took months to put together and the compilation almost two years. I spent almost a year collecting all of these contacts and I have spent many weeks and dollars on buying and addressing mailers and customs forms. The time I have put into this project has been enormous. I hope the result is good... for the artists and for the label. And I hope it boosts sales a little... this project is costing the label over a thousand dollars it will never see again.

These promotional packages will be sent to many countries including America, Austrailia, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Israel, Norway, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Scotland, the Netherlands, and others I can't remember right now without looking at my list. I am very excited... my only regret is that this huge promotional step will not include our new bands such as Dust of Broken Heart and Isopod.

This has taken so long because I am the lone ranger of this establishment... but I have done it and as soon as the Omnibus compilation arrives I will package and ship all of this in six shippments of twenty-five each. And a small chunk of the world will get a taste of Greenhorn Records.

My goal for the next project is 500 underground/university radio stations in the US, 300 to European radio stations, and 1,000 labels. Whether or not I'll accomplish that is beyond me... that's over 10x this project I just spent years on. But we shall see... if I do accomplish it it will probably be sometime in 2007. And for a project that size, I would not execute the promotional project until I had as many bands in my hands as I could so as to promote as many as possible.

I don't think anyone has ever really done anything quite like this before. I hope that will be reason enough for this to work. Most people produce a CD and hang onto it until they see money, but I believe the #1 key to progress with a label like ours is promotion, promotion, promotion. So many people I know talk on and on about what they want to do, but they never do it. And others make stuff but never get the word out there. I believe the key to the lock is PROMOTION. And that is my target. And once you have everyone's attention, find distributers.

There aren't any books on how to do what I'm trying to do, so I'm making it up as I go along. This seems most logical. Correct me if I am wrong.
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