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New Synthesizers for Olney Avenue

When I, Olney, made my album "Songs for the Synthesizer" it was performed entirely on a Rogue Moog synthesizer only. How was this done? Why, with a MIDI sequencer transferred into a CV/gate signal by way of a digital to analog converter called an MCV4 - a small converter I found in Germany, which my synth-technician Tim and I affectionately call the Evil Red Box.

After I finished that work, and stopped to record a few other random songs, I sold the Rogue and Tim's Roland sh-101 moved in. Yesterday (and part of early this morning) was spent configuring the Evil Red Box as well as tuning the sh-101... both very tedious projects that took about 11 hours all together. Granted that includes several wild goose chases for parts we needed (and a short break to O.D. on caffeine) but for the most part it was all work, work, work... which is good.

Now that I have a working sh-101 in my studio I would like to immediately begin work on a followup album and hopefully an EP, but we all know how these things work. "The problems never cease" has become my motto, strong and true. I have been working with synthesizers and recording sessions for over three years now and that phrase continues to return to my mind as everything has the tendency to go completely and horribly wrong over and over and over again.

Maybe one day I'll take a hint... but I hope I never do.
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