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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in ghrecords' LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
9:35 pm
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the official Greenhorn Records logo.

I have meant to make it for a very long time to keep the same image from release to release, and here it is at last.

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
8:36 pm
Postage Not Paid
Today was Day 3 of 5 in my promotional project of shipping promos, in which I ship 25-30 promotional demos to members of my contact list everyday of this week. This was my first day of shipping to international contacts, and it went reasonably well... I walked into the post office as I have every day this week, a huge box under my arm stuffed with promos... but today it was a batch entirely to other countries. (Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, France, England, Austraila, Denmark, Israel, Germany, Norway, etcetra...)

I plopped a stack of customs forms down on the counter and the postal lady responded "What are you shipping?!"

I told her about my huge project I had underway and she seemed confused and amused at the same time. She also seemed amazed that I had taken the time to address every promo by hand, address every customs form by hand, and package everything, all by myself. I replied "What else am I going to spend my time doing?" haha.

Thursday and Friday are my last two days for this promotional business. Yep, just 102 more promos to go, all international. When I'm done a good number of people will have received free copies of our music... whether this will make any difference to Greenhorn Records (other than a $400 postal bill) is not yet known to me. I guess that's up to the people I send promos to.
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
8:43 pm
Omnibus enters ADD
"A Greenroom Omnibus No. 1" now available from A Different Drum... one of the biggest synthpop/electronic sources in the entire world. Support us and go buy a copy!

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Saturday, July 9th, 2005
9:25 pm
Promotional News
Today is a historic day in the growing history of Greenhorn Records. And this will be a historic week. I spent 7 hours today filling over 130 mailers as promos for sending to over a hundred labels, as well as radio stations and magazines. Each promo holds a copy of our new compilation A Greenroom Omnius No. 1, a copy of our 2005 demo a Shoehorn Demo No. 1, a 1" pin, and a letter of explaination. And all of this week, Monday through Saturday, I will ship 25 promos everyday after work.

Omnibus took almost two years and $700 to create. Shoehorn took almost as long and $400. I spent about six months of time between the two songs appearing on the two CDs (under "Olney" 5 months on 'A Flautist in Kutztown' and 1 on "Sewn Into My Heart) and I mastered and made both CDs. It took about a year to collect all of those contacts, a tedious opperation that took several dozen trips to the library for use of a better computer, and the mailers for this project cost almost $100. The buttons cost $55, and the photoshoot for the cover of Omnibus $100.

Filling out and addressing all of the mailers took several weekends of 12-hour days, though the return-address part took far less a time as I pitched in $15 for a stamp rather than writing the same thing over and over again for every mailer.

So almost two years and $1,300 later (not counting the promo postage) we have about 130 good promos going out to twelve countries. The only thing I am sad for is the fact that Greenhorn's latest roster editions (3 out of 4 Dentists and Dust of Broken Heart) came along too late to have spots on each of the two releases. Don't worry though, they will be on volume two of each of the series, both of which will be far more promotional than volumes one.

Work has already began for "A Greenroom Omnibus No. 2" and we are interested in accepting demos for it as of now. We already have several songs (and $800 into it) and this will be the biggest (and bestest) thing to come from Greenhorn Records yet. So send your songs in!
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
12:50 pm
The Scientific Art of Promotion
I at last finished the purchasing and addressing of almost 150 mailers. I have also bought 500 new Greenhorn Records buttons (same design) which will go out in the promo packages with the copies of the compilation and demo. Also included will be a letter of introductions and explainations to each company I ship a promo package to. I am excited for this step.

The demo took months to put together and the compilation almost two years. I spent almost a year collecting all of these contacts and I have spent many weeks and dollars on buying and addressing mailers and customs forms. The time I have put into this project has been enormous. I hope the result is good... for the artists and for the label. And I hope it boosts sales a little... this project is costing the label over a thousand dollars it will never see again.

These promotional packages will be sent to many countries including America, Austrailia, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Israel, Norway, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Scotland, the Netherlands, and others I can't remember right now without looking at my list. I am very excited... my only regret is that this huge promotional step will not include our new bands such as Dust of Broken Heart and Isopod.

This has taken so long because I am the lone ranger of this establishment... but I have done it and as soon as the Omnibus compilation arrives I will package and ship all of this in six shippments of twenty-five each. And a small chunk of the world will get a taste of Greenhorn Records.

My goal for the next project is 500 underground/university radio stations in the US, 300 to European radio stations, and 1,000 labels. Whether or not I'll accomplish that is beyond me... that's over 10x this project I just spent years on. But we shall see... if I do accomplish it it will probably be sometime in 2007. And for a project that size, I would not execute the promotional project until I had as many bands in my hands as I could so as to promote as many as possible.

I don't think anyone has ever really done anything quite like this before. I hope that will be reason enough for this to work. Most people produce a CD and hang onto it until they see money, but I believe the #1 key to progress with a label like ours is promotion, promotion, promotion. So many people I know talk on and on about what they want to do, but they never do it. And others make stuff but never get the word out there. I believe the key to the lock is PROMOTION. And that is my target. And once you have everyone's attention, find distributers.

There aren't any books on how to do what I'm trying to do, so I'm making it up as I go along. This seems most logical. Correct me if I am wrong.
Saturday, May 21st, 2005
10:11 pm
Today has been full of work... I spent hours calculating the frequencies and wavelengths of sound for a self-use table for a future project. Then I went out and bought the first 40 mailers for my first big mail-based promotional project. As soon as the Omnibus compilation comes out I will be mailing 130 packages off to various artists, radio stations, and record labels around the globe, each with a copy of the demo and the comp within as well as label info.

This is my biggest project for promotion yet, but next year will be even bigger when I ship out about 1500 copies of a demo and the next comp. That will be an expensive project but (hopefully) worth it. I just hope this first one shows signs of progress in someway. Up to this day I have seen very little progress in any way. At all. It's very depressing. But I won't give up. Not yet.
Friday, May 13th, 2005
7:39 pm
New Bands Announcement
Greeenhorn Records is signing two new bands this month:

Dust of Broken Heart

Look for new music and releases from both of these artists coming soon, and for other new artists along the way!
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
6:58 pm
Masters sent in.
The masters for "A Greenroom Omnibus No. 1" were sent in today. Hopefully by July copies will be back to me and available for the public. Pre-orders to begin soon.

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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
10:51 pm
a new Olney album
I sold my Rogue Moog on ebay and installed my friend Tim's Roland sh-101 into the studio and work for a new album officially began yesterday. I re-recorded "The Assembly Line" - the opening track to last year's album - as a starter to get a general feel for the sh-101. The little machine wouldn't stay in tune earlier this year but with the warmer weather it's being a little more reliable. Not much though.

Mandi is still working on the layout of the new "Omnibus" compilation but I hope very much that it is all done soon. More on that when information is available.
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
1:06 pm
New Synthesizers for Olney Avenue
When I, Olney, made my album "Songs for the Synthesizer" it was performed entirely on a Rogue Moog synthesizer only. How was this done? Why, with a MIDI sequencer transferred into a CV/gate signal by way of a digital to analog converter called an MCV4 - a small converter I found in Germany, which my synth-technician Tim and I affectionately call the Evil Red Box.

After I finished that work, and stopped to record a few other random songs, I sold the Rogue and Tim's Roland sh-101 moved in. Yesterday (and part of early this morning) was spent configuring the Evil Red Box as well as tuning the sh-101... both very tedious projects that took about 11 hours all together. Granted that includes several wild goose chases for parts we needed (and a short break to O.D. on caffeine) but for the most part it was all work, work, work... which is good.

Now that I have a working sh-101 in my studio I would like to immediately begin work on a followup album and hopefully an EP, but we all know how these things work. "The problems never cease" has become my motto, strong and true. I have been working with synthesizers and recording sessions for over three years now and that phrase continues to return to my mind as everything has the tendency to go completely and horribly wrong over and over and over again.

Maybe one day I'll take a hint... but I hope I never do.
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
7:57 pm
Autobahn 4
Autobahn came and went. Thanks to everyone who supported Tim and I as we wandered around all night handing out demos. We managed to get rid of over 200 of them total, which slightly exceeded my goal.

The new compilation "a Greenroom Omnibus No. 1" should be out in a few more weeks. Keep your eyes (and ears) open.

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
11:53 am
How to Make a Compilation
Making a compilation all by yourself can be difficult and stressful, but I think hardwork is worth it eventually.

You ask all of your desired artists for songs and you put ads in magazines and on web sites. You have to make a song yourself if you're going to be on it, and you need to take care of all of the artwork and layouts, though this time around my new pal Nate Frusti is doing the cover art for me.

Even the cover has been difficult, but I guess anything good takes time. Since I released the 2003 Christmas compilation I have wanted to do a compilation trilogy that would have each volume feature someone screaming into a megaphone... interesting concept enough, I suppose, but it took a whole afternoon with my friend Suzanne McCloskey to get the angle just right. It can be very frustrating trying to put a mental image of mine into another person's mind, but we worked through it and ended up with a pretty decent picture.

Along with the artwork one must also sequence and master the tracks, which of course cannot be done until all of the songs have been received, and when that happens is dependent on when the artists decide to get their material to me. For "A Greenroom Omnibus No. 1" that was over a year of waiting.

Yet the waiting has been worth it as I have wound up with a nice selection of songs by 12 different artists, clocking in around 42 minutes of new music.

This will all be worth it one day... I just hope Greenhorn Records does some good for the underground artists appearing thereon...

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
9:14 pm
The Greenberg is Formed...
Welcome to the new Greenhorn Records journal, the newly formed source for behind-the-scenes thoughts and updates as well as other neat things here and there.
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